Sentence Examples

  • Since the Scouting culture started by Baden-Powell has become international, Girl Scout uniforms have spread all over the world through many cultures.
  • Baden-Powell, Handbook of Manufactures and Arts of the Punjab (Lahore, 1872); W.
  • Baden-Powell.
  • Baden-Powell was in command of the defence, which was stubbornly maintained for 217 days (Oct.
  • Baden-Powell, The Indian Village Community (1896); Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Life and Labour of the People of India (1907); Theodore Morison, Industrial Organization of an Indian Province (1906); Professor Wyndham Dunstan, Coal Resources of India (Society of Arts, 1902); Sir George Watt, Dictionary of Economic Products of India (1908); Sir George Birdwood, Industrial Arts of India (1880); R.