Sentence Examples

  • The Collection Bada, Okio, and Koh Sakai offers sharp, clean lines coupled with vintage and futuristic looks.
  • Bada, the sultan's residence, is farther west.
  • All that we know of his date is that his dream took place during the period (658-680) in which Hild was abbess of Streanwshalch, and that he must have died some considerable time before Bada finished his history in 731.
  • Of Bada have the poem (but transliterated into a more southern dialect) as a marginal note.
  • Of the Old English version of Bada written Cedmon, Ceadmann) is not explicable by means of Old English; the statement that it means "boatman" is founded on the corrupt gloss liburnam, ced, where ced is an editorial misreading for ceol.