Back Orifice Definition

Applies to a remote administration tool permitting system administrators to control a computer from a remote location, typically across the Internet. It was released in 1998 by a hacker club named Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc), and a year later, the group released a newer version called BO2K, or Back Orifice 2000. The problem with Back Orifice is that it can be distributed by crackers via a Trojan horse, leaving the target unsuspecting that anything is wrong. After being installed, the Trojan allows almost complete control by the remote cracker over the target’s computer. Note that Back Orifice is not a virus. Rather, the software has to be willingly accepted and run by its host before it can be used. Back Orifice is often distributed on the claim that it is something else—such as valid software that the user might receive by email or download from a Website. The best way to prevent being targeted for a crack attack is to not accept files from untrusted sources. Stirk, A. Back Orifice. [Online, 2004.] IRCHELP Organization Website.
Webster's New World Hacker

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