Sentence Examples

  • If you want to include Babar or Barney, for example, do it with a pillow or some other accessory that can be changed when it becomes too childish for your maturing child.
  • BABER, or Babar (1483-1530), a famous conqueror of India and founder of the so-called Mogul dynasty.
  • From Zari, on the road to Balkh by the Balkhab, at the east end of the Sokhtagi valley; Shahr-i-Babar, about 45 m.
  • Above Shahr-i-Babar, are all fortified sites of about the same age as the relics at Bamian.
  • Babar, the fifth in descent from Timur, was originally prince of Ferghana, but conquered Samarkand and northern India, where he founded the Mogul (Mughal) empire.