Sentence Examples

  • (3) Damascus, a district which included Baalbek, Tripoli and Beirut, and also the I;Iauran.
  • They appear to be connected with Semitic sun-worship, and are assigned by Bent to the same period as the temple at Baalbek, though some antiquarians would place them much earlier; the representation of a castle in a single stone seems to bear some relation to the idea worked out in the monolith churches of Lalibela described byRaffray.
  • South from them is the pass (8351 ft.) which leads from Baalbek to Tripoli; the great mountain amphitheatre on the west side of its summit is remarkable.
  • The broad valley which separates Lebanon from Anti-Lebanon is watered by two rivers having their watershed near Baalbek, at an elevation of about 3600 ft., and separated only by a short mile at their sources.
  • At present its full name is Buka`a el-'Aziz (the dear Buka'a), and its northern portion is known as Sahlet Baalbek (the plain of Baalbek).