Sentence Examples

  • In the spring of 1792 he received the rank of marechal de camp in command of the cavalry in the army of the north; but the influence of the extremists becoming predominant he took indefinite leave of absence, and settled at Auteuil, where, with Condorcet and Cabanis, he devoted himself to scientific studies.
  • He took up his residence at Auteuil, where he died suddenly on the 21st of August 1814, in the sixty-second year of his age.
  • Fauriel was introduced by Madame de Stael to the literary circle of Auteuil, which gathered round Destutt de Tracy.
  • During his connexion with Auteuil, Fauriel's attention was naturally turned to philosophy, and for some years he was engaged on a history of Stoicism, which was never completed, all the papers connected with it having accidentally perished in 1814.