Sentence Examples

  • Any ballroom dance pedagogy is going to benefit from a structured lesson plan, and usually the package plans from studios such as Arthur Murray or Fred Astaire will have a more disciplined approach to helping you learn rumba.
  • There are a few national chains such as Arthur Murray Dance Studios and Fred Astaire Dance Studios that offer free "introductory lessons" or group rates that can make learning ballroom a fantastic social occasion.
  • Teaching Method - There are many different styles of teaching, ranging from lesson-to-lesson by independent studios to complete studio packages from companies such as Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios.
  • You can watch fun and carefree dances such as Fast Swing Dancing by LindyHop411, or experience an old classic like Swing Time featuring Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.
  • Any movie that featured Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire or Greta Garbo was sure to include an apartment decorated in the Art Deco style.