Sentence Examples

  • ASIR, a district in western Arabia, lying between 17° 30' and 21 0 N., and 40° 30' and 45° E.; bounded N.
  • Since the reconquest of Yemen by the Turks, they have made repeated attempts to subjugate Asir, but beyond occupying Kanfuda, and holding one or two isolated points in the interior, of which Ibha and Manadir are the principal, they have effected nothing.
  • The chief sources of information regarding Asir are the notes made by J.
  • On the other hand, there is an epithet Asir or Ashir ("overseer") applied to several gods and particularly to the deity Asur, a fact which introduced a third element of confusion into the discussion of the name Assur.
  • The third or southern division contains the highland plateaus of Asir and Yemen in the west, and J.