Sentence Examples

  • The great goddess of the Aramaeans, `Athar-`atheh, in Greek Atargatis 1 Transcribed MaXax,37)Aos, Malagbelus, &c., and in the Palm.
  • This title was first given in the 16th century to a writing which is referred to as The Book of James (7) (31(Aos 'IaKtf30v) by Origen (torn.
  • The i-Eir)os was worn in a variety of colours and often decorated with bands of ornament, both horizontal and vertical; Homer uses the epithets KpoK61ren-Aos and Kvav01r€7rXos, which show that yellow and dark blue 7r41rAot were worn, and speaks of embroidered 717rXoc (roctcLRoc).
  • VU120V -yvc'oo-aos an allusion to Marcion's well-known volume.
  • The word was derived in antiquity from the town of Helos in Laconia, but is more probably connected with 'Aos, a fen, or with the root of AEiv, to capture.