Sentence Examples

  • DESSAU, a town of Germany, capital of the duchy of Anhalt, on the left bank of the Mulde, 2 m.
  • Besides the rock-salt, which is excavated by blasting, the saline deposits of Stassfurt yield a considerable quantity of deliquescent salts and other saline products, which have encouraged the foundation of numerous chemical factories in the town and in the neighbouring village of Leopoldshall, which lies in Anhalt territory.
  • FRIEDRICH LUDWIG GEORG VON RAUMER (1781-1873), German historian, was born at Worlitz in Anhalt on the 14th of May 1781.
  • 1822), as Kammerdirektor in Anhalt, did excellent service to agriculture.
  • Aschersleben was probably founded in the 11th century by Count Esico of Ballenstedt, the ancestor of the house of Anhalt, whose grandson, Otto, called himself count of Ascania and Aschersleben, deriving the former part of the title from his castle in the neighbourhood of the town.