Sentence Examples

  • Roald Amundsen sailed from Norway in the "Fram " (which had been fitted with internal combustion engines) in Aug.
  • The announcement of Peary's attainment of the North Pole in 1909 convinced Amundsen that he could not raise sufficient funds for his proposed five years' absence, and he determined to make a dash for the South Pole in order to raise money for the greater project.
  • Amundsen started on his first depot-laying journey on Feb.
  • 20 1911 (with temp. - 5° to - 23° F.) Amundsen left again with four companions, Helmer Hansen, Oscar Wisting, Sverre Hassel and Olav Bjaaland, four sledges and 52 dogs.
  • After remaining two days at the Pole to secure sufficient observations to fix the position, Amundsen and his party returned to Framheim in 38 days, picking up the depots in succession and making an average of 23 m.