Sentence Examples

  • Of Gondar, the capital of Amhara, and being on the main route from Sennar to Abyssinia, is a trade centre of some importance.
  • The fall of many of the monuments, according to Bent, was caused by the washing away of the foundations by the stream called Mai Shum, and indeed the native tradition states that " Gudert, queen of the Amhara," when she visited Axum, destroyed the chief obelisk in this way by digging a trench from the river to its foundation.
  • Of native churches there are two forms - one square or oblong, found in Tigre; the other circular, found in Amhara and Shoa.
  • AMHARA, the central province of Abyssinia.
  • Tigre, Amhara, Gojam, &c.), Shoa, Kaffa and Galla land - all these form a geographical unit - and central Somaliland with Harrar.

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