Sentence Examples

  • Louise brought her children to the court, and received Amboise as her residence.
  • Francois de Rochefort, abbot of St Mesmin, instructed Francis and his sister Marguerite in Latin and history; Louise herself taught them Italian and Spanish; and the library of the château at Amboise was well stocked with romances of the Round Table, which exalted the lad's imagination.
  • Among those who revolted were Guy of Laval, Giraud of Montreuil-Bellay, the viscount of Thouars, the lords of Mirebeau, Amboise, Parthenay and Sable.
  • GEORGES D AMBOISE' (1460-1510), French cardinal and minister of state, belonged to a noble family possessed of considerable influence.
  • A Mistaire de Julius Cesar is said to have been represented at Amboise in 1500 before Louis XII.