Sentence Examples

  • Hernan Cortes overran and conquered Mexico from 1518 to 1521, and the discovery and conquest of Guatemala by Alvarado, the invasion of Florida by De Soto, and of Nueva Granada by Quesada, followed in rapid succession.
  • San Jose de Guadalupe (after 1836 for a time "de Alvarado" in honour of Governor J.
  • Alvarado) was founded in November 1 777, and was the first Spanish pueblo of California.
  • From near Alvarado, Vera Cruz, Mexico.
  • Among the smaller ports, some of which are open to foreign trade, are Matamoros, Tuxpan, Alvarado, Tlacotalpan, Frontera, Campeche and the island of Mujeres (coast of Yucatan) on the Gulf side, and Ensenada, Altata, Santa Rosalia and Soconusco on the Pacific.