Sentence Examples

  • They chose their leader (eletto), marched into Brabant, and established themselves at Alost, where they were joined by other bands of mutineers.
  • 1475), Burgundian chronicler, was a native of Alost in Flanders.
  • Both France and Anjou supported this pretender's cause from time to time; he was always a thorn in Henry's side till his untimely death at Alost (1128), but more especially after the catastrophe of the White Ship (1120) deprived the king of his only lawful son.
  • ALOST (Flem.
  • Flanders in the feudal period was a fief of the king of France - the count of Flanders being the first of the twelve peers of France; but there was a small strip extending from Alost to the isles of Zeeland, designated Imperial Flanders, of which the count was the vassal of the Holy Roman emperor.

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