Sentence Examples

  • In matters of general interest it has frequently called conferences to which the minor states have been invited, such as the West African Conference in Berlin in 1885, and the Anti-Slavery Conference at Brussels in 1889-1890, and the Conference of Algeciras in 1906.
  • The Treaty of Algeciras is essentially a generalization of the Franco-German agreement of the 28th of September 1905.
  • In that year Yusef passed the straits to Algeciras, and on the 23rd of October inflicted a severe defeat on the Christians at Sacralias, or in Arabic, Zallaka, near Badajoz.
  • At the conference assembled at Algeciras to settle the Morocco Question, Austria supported the German position, and after the close of the conferences the emperor William II.
  • Having made himself master of Algeciras and thereby secured his communication with Africa, Tariq set out at once in the direction of Cordova.