Sentence Examples

  • AMOS BRONSON ALCOTT (1799-1888), American education alist and writer, born on Spindle Hill, in the town of Wolcott, New Haven county, Connecticut, on the 29th of November 1799.
  • The son adopted the spelling "Alcott" in his early youth.
  • The school was denounced in the press, was not pecuniarily successful, and in 1839 was given up, although Alcott had won the affection of his pupils, and his educational experiments had challenged the attention of students of pedagogy.
  • In 1840 Alcott removed to Concord, Massachusetts.
  • This speedily came to naught, and Alcott returned (1844) to his home near that of Emerson in Concord, removing to Boston four years later, and again living in Concord after 1857.