Sentence Examples

  • It fell into the power of Alboin in 569 and became the seat of a Lombard duchy; it was still one of the wealthiest cities of Aemilia in the Lombard period.
  • Be this as it may, the Lombards, their ranks swelled by the Gepidae, whom they had lately conquered, and by the wrecks of other barbarian tribes, passed southward under their king Alboin in 568.
  • Pavia offered stubborn resistance; but after a three year siege it was taken, and Alboin made it the capital of his new kingdom.
  • He was endeavouring to treat with Alboin and the Lombards, and desired to assure himself of Venetian support.
  • There was for the future one Venice and one Venetian people dwelling at Rialto, the city of compromise between the dangers from the mainland, exemplified by Attila and Alboin, and the perils from the sea, illustrated by Pippin's attack.