Sentence Examples

  • And he gives as a crowning instance that he exposed himself to the hatred of the informer Cyprianus by preventing the punishment of Albinus, a man of consular rank.
  • He mentions in another place that when at Verona the king was anxious to transfer the accusation of treason brought against Albinus to the whole senate, he defended the senate at great risk.
  • Festus, Albinus and Florus.
  • - Meanwhile the procurators who succeeded Felix - Porcius Festus (60-62), Albinus (62-64) and Gessius Florus (64-66) - had in their several ways brought the bulk of the nation into line with the more violent of the Jews of Caesarea.
  • In the interval which elapsed before the arrival of Albinus, Ananus son of Annas was made high priest by Agrippa.

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