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  • Berar consists mainly of the valley lying between the Satpura range of mountains in the north and the Ajanta range in the south.
  • In addition to the Melghat mountain tract which walls it in on the north, Berar is divided into two sections, the Payanghat or lowland country, bounded on the north by the Gawilgarh hills, and on the south by the outer scarps of the Ajanta range, and the Balaghat or upland country above the Ajanta ridge, sloping down southwards beyond the ghats or passes which lead up to it.
  • AJANTA (more properly AraNTHa), a village in the dominions of the Nizam of Hyderabad in India (N.
  • Ajanta was a kind of college monastery.
  • It contains the famous caves of Ajanta, and also the battlefield of Assaye.

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