Sentence Examples

  • The most important Roman stations which have hitherto been excavated are those of Birrenswark, on the north side of Solway Firth; Ardoch, near the historical battlefield of Sheriffmuir (1715); and Newstead, a site first occupied by Agricola, under the Eildon hills.
  • Agricola in 1546, and is from the German blenden, to blind, or deceive, because the mineral resembles lead-ore in appearance but contains no lead, and was consequently often rejected as worthless.
  • The earliest writer in the Finnish vernacular was Michael Agricola (1506-1557), who published an A B C Book in 1544, and, as bishop of Abo, a number of religious and educational works.
  • In the edition of 158 r of the De re metallica by Georg Agricola, there is a woodcut showing the interior of a German glass factory, and glass vessels both finished and unfinished.
  • 81-82 Agricola garrisoned the Roman frontier between Forth and Clyde, and in 84 he fought and won a great battle farther north, probably on the line of the Tay.