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  • The myth which we know from the stories of Oedipus, Perseus, Telephus, Pelias and Neleus, Romulus, Sargon of Agade, Moses, the Indian hero Krishna, and many others, has been transferred to the founder of the Persian empire.
  • The south part of Syria was known to Sargon of Akkad (Agade) as Ammon and was visited by his armies.
  • This Biblical city, Akkad, was most probably identical with the northern Babylonian city known to us as Agade (not Agane, as formerly read), which was the principal seat of the early Babylonian king Sargon I.
  • The probably non-Semitic name Agade occurs in a number of inscriptions 2 and is now well attested as having been the name of an important ancient capital.
  • The later Assyro-Babylonian Semitic form Akkadu ("of or belonging to Akkad") is, in all likelihood, a Semitic loan form from the non-Semitic name Agade, and seems to be an additional demonstration of the identity of Agade and Akkad.

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