Sentence Examples

  • Adler, 1882); Olympia.
  • Adler, 1890-1898); Die Stadtgeschichte von Athen (1891); Gesammelte Abhandlungen (1894).
  • The Swedish plenipotentiaries were Johan Oxenstjerna, the chancellor's son, and Adler Salvius.
  • London, 1878); Morais, "The Falashas" in Penn Monthly (Philadelphia, 1880); Cyrus Adler, "Bibliography of the Falashas" in American Hebrew (16th of March 1894); Lewin, "Ein verlassener Bruderstamm," in Bloch's Wochenschrift (7th February 1902), p. 85; J.
  • Towards the end, however, Stiirgkh was actually endeavouring to bring about a reassembly of the Reichsrat, when he was shot by the Independent Socialist Dr. Friedrich Adler (Oct.