Sentence Examples

  • After the defeat of Scopas, Antiochus gained Batanaea and Samaria and Abila and Gadara, and a little later those of the Jews who live round the Temple called Jerusalem adhered to him."
  • It is impossible here to follow in detail the numerous changes in the distribution of the territory and the gradual disappearance of particular dynasties which maintained a footing for some time longer in Chalcis, Abila, Emesa and Palestine; but it is of special interest to note that the kingdom of the Arab Nabataeans was able to keep its hold for a considerable period on the north as far as Damascus.
  • Schumacher, The Jaulan (1888); Abila, Pella and Northern Ajlun (1890); Across the Jordan (1886), (Palestine Exploration Fund); Rev. W.
  • In the possession of " Abila of Lysanias " already bestowed upon him by Caligula, elsewhere described as " Abila, which had formed the tetrarchy of Lysanias."
  • Krenkel (Josephus and Lucas, Leipzig, 18 94, p. 97) is that Josephus does not mean to imply that Abila was the only possession of Lysanias, and that he calls it the tetrarchy or kingdom of Lysanias because it was the last remnant of the domain of Lysanias which remained under direct Roman administration until the time of Agrippa.