Sentence Examples

  • Weil, Etudes sur l'antiquite grecque (1900), and C. Giarratani, Tirteo e i suoi carmi (1905).
  • M ` Taggart, who closes his acute Studies in Hegelian Cosmology (rigor) with " the possibility of finding, above all knowledge and volition, one all-embracing unity, which is only not true, only not good, because all truth and all goodness are but distorted shadows of its absolute perfection- ` das Unbegreifliche, weil es der Begriff selbst ist.'
  • It need hardly be said that the three periods - which were first distinguished by Professor Weil - are not separated by sharp lines of division.
  • See the works referred to under Cephalonia, and also Weil, in Mittheil.
  • Weil, Etudes sur l'antiquite grecque (1900).