Sentence Examples

  • You need to uproot all of these pieces of debris before adding any deck cleaner, as they will greatly complicate things and can potentially cause damage to your deck.
  • Even the most stable individuals who are not looking to uproot their routine for the purpose of a relationship still want to feel that sense of something "new" when they welcome a partner into their lives.
  • When scorned by a lover, he literally is forced to uproot a long tunnel of emotions which can threaten his entire psychological condition.
  • Well, you can uproot everything familiar with the series and create a game that deserves its own massive following.
  • Mose important was the two-fold mission to Britain - of St Augustine in 596, of Mellitus, Paulinus and others in 601; but Gregory also made strenuous efforts to uproot paganism in Gaul, Italy, Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica, Arianism in Spain, Donatism in Africa, Manichaeism in Sicily, the heresy of the Three Chapters in Istria and northern Italy.