Sentence Examples

  • 5-9 do not arise necessarily from motives of revenge; a young and untried sovereign could not courage which enabled him to hold an even and noble course in the face of dangers and treachery.
  • Experiments are also conducted to test the merits of new or untried varieties of cereals and other field crops, of grasses, forage plants, fruits, vegetables, plants and trees; and samples, particularly of the most promising cereals, are distributed freely among farmers for trial, so that those which promise to be most profitable may be rapidly brought into general cultivation.
  • The Swedish government was in the hands of an untried lad of sixteen; and the fine fleets of Denmark, and the veteran soldiers of Saxony, were on the same side as the myriads of Muscovy.
  • But potent opposition was offered to the appointment of a minister of religion, and the chair went to George Croom Robertson - then an untried man - between whom and Martineau a cordial friendship came to exist.
  • Charles of Sweden took the title of "king of the Kajans and Lapps," and left no means untried to establish his power over all Scandinavian Lapland.