Sentence Examples

  • Tourcoing - 41,183 55,705 62,694
  • The woollen industry is carried on most extensively in the department of Nord (Roubaix, Tourcoing, Fourmies).
  • Another group in the north of France has its centres at Lille, Tourcoing, Roubaix, St Quentin and Amiens.
  • In the same year the other chief customs in order of importance were Tourcoing, Jetimont, Cette, St Nazaire and Avricourt.
  • Its commerce is much facilitated by the system of canals which bring it into communication with Belgium, the coal-basins of Nord and Pasde-Calais, the rich agricultural regions of Flanders and Artois, and the industrial towns of Lille, Armentieres, Roubaix, Tourcoing, Valenciennes, &c. The roadstead is indicated by lightships and the entrance channel to the port by a lighthouse which, at an altitude of 193 ft., is visible at a distance of 19 m.

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