Sentence Examples

  • The family of Thun-Hohenstein, one of the wealthiest of the Austrian nobility, which has for more than 200 years settled at Tetschen, in Bohemia, has given several distinguished members to the Austrian public service.
  • Thun, Geschichte der revolutionaren Bewegungen in Russland (Leipzig, 1883); Konni Zilliacus, The Russian Revolutionary movement (London, 1905).
  • The handsome château of the counts of Thun (built in 1667-73 and restored in 1788), which occupies a rocky height above the town, was at one time fortified, and was a place of some importance during the Seven Years' War.
  • The lordship was bought from them in 1628 by the Freiherr von Thun, by whose descendants, the Counts Thun, it is still held.