Sentence Examples

  • By his will he left a large sum for the building and the perpetual repair of public baths, and the interest of a still larger sum for the benefit of one hundred freedmen of the testator and, ultimately, for an annual banquet.
  • Bargain and sale of copyhold estates, which operates at common law, is still a mode of conveyance in England in the case of a sale by executors, where a testator has directed a sale of his estate to be made, instead of devising it to trustees upon trust to sell.
  • This disabled caelibes from receiving an inheritance unless the testator were related to them within the sixth degree; it limited the amount which a wife could take by a husband's will, or the husband by the wife's, unless they had children; and preference was given to candidates for office in proportion to the number of their children.'
  • When the charitable purpose intended by a testator cannot be carried into effect, the court will apply the funds to some other purpose, as near the original as possible (whence the name).
  • For instance, a testator having left a fund to be divided into four parts - one-fourth to be used for "the redemption of British slaves in Turkey and 2 Barbary," and the other three-fourths for various local charities - it was found that there were no British slaves in Turkey or Barbary, and as to that part of the gift therefore the testator's purpose failed.