Sentence Examples

  • Among them the bright star Sirius was any I in special esteem; it was a goddess Sothis (Sopde), often be 1tified by the Egyptians with Isis.
  • Nominally the beginning Df the rise of the Nile, was the beginning of the year, and as the ~ile commences to rise very regularly at about the date of the annual heliacal rising of the conspicuous dog-star Sothis (Sirius~ (which itself follows extremely closely the slow retrogression af the Julian year), the primitive astronomers found in the heliacal rising of Sothis as observed at Memphis (on July 9 Julian) a very correct and useful, starting-point for the seasonal year.
  • (4) Astronomical data, especially the heliacal risings of Sothis recorded by dates of their celebration in the vague year.
  • Such were the calendrical feasts, called ~ the beginnings of the seasons, and including, for example, the monthly and halfmonthly festivals, that of the New Year and that of the rising of Sirius (Sothis).

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