Sentence Examples

  • Ritschl claims to carry on the work of Luther and Schleiermacher, especially in ridding faith of the tyranny of scholastic philosophy.
  • The same reason that made him depreciate Hegel made him praise Krause (panentheism) and Schleiermacher, and speak respectfully of English philosophy.
  • Wolff's influence made the usage habitual, 4 though Schleiermacher and Ritschl, like the Socinians earlier, deny the existence of a natural theology..
  • Schleiermacher rejects natural religion in favour of the positive religions, while the school of A.
  • It was from the Moravians that Schleiermacher learnt his religion, and they even made a passing impression on Goethe; but both these men were repelled by their doctrine of the substitutionary sufferings of Christ.