Sentence Examples

  • They even create and hand-paint battle-ready shields for SCA fighters.
  • Sca, through,, u rpov, measure), in geometry, a line passing through the centre of a circle or conic section and terminated by the curve; the "principal diameters of the ellipse and hyperbola coincide with the "axes" and are at right angles; " conjugate diameters " are such that each bisects chords parallel to the other.
  • Sca y ., 1890, 25.
  • The latter has no allusion to the KaXov g pyov, the ErepoScSaaxaXEav, the Sca/3E13atouaOat, &c., of the others, and contains one or two specific phrases of its own.
  • ESevva: Sca Tr'v Twv bSaTcov 0 / ..47 7 P. 2 Steph.