Sentence Examples

  • Developed by extensive study at the Sorbonne and by frequenting the salons of the Encyclopaedists.
  • Alfred the Great, king of the Salons in England, not only educated his people in the learning of the past ages; he inserted in the geographical works he translated many narratives of the travel of his own time.
  • In Paris he frequented the salons of Madame de la Fayette and of the marquise de Lambert.
  • His conversational powers made him welcome in Parisian salons, but his zeal led, him to England, where he made the acquaintance of William Law, the English mystic, to Italy and to Switzerland, as well as to the chief towns of France.
  • And the salons of Mme de Sevigne, of her daughter Mme de Grignan, and of the duchesse de Maine for a while gave the questions of philosophy a place among the topics of polite society, and furnished to Moliere the occasion of his Femmes savantes.