Sentence Examples

  • Brian and Fiachra, sons of Eochaid Muigmed61n, conquered for themselves the country of the Ui Briuin (Roscommon, Leitrim, Cavan) and Tir Fiachrach, the territory of the Firbolg tribe the Fir Domnann in the valley of the Moy (Co.
  • In Roscommon there was a strike against rent, especially on the property of Lord De Freyne.
  • CHARLES O'CONOR (1804-1884), American lawyer, was born in the city of New York on the 22nd of January 1804, and was the son of Thomas O'Conor (1770-18J5), who in 1801 emigrated from Roscommon county, Ireland, to New York, where he devoted himself chiefly to journalism.
  • By Roscommon, S.E.
  • Serves counties Roscommon and Mayo.