Sentence Examples

  • When looking to adapt something as a chicken coop it is important to check that it is waterproof, secure and has somewhere for the chickens to roost and lay their eggs.
  • In the early days of movies with sound, westerns, comedies, and dramas ruled the cinematic roost, but the horror movie was there, lurking in the shadows and waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on unsuspecting moviegoers.
  • Parrots are gregarious and usually feed and roost in companies, but are at least temporarily monogamous.
  • They are unable to fly till nearly two years old, and continue for a considerable time after taking wing to roost and hunt with their parents.
  • On the same side of the Great Valley, south of the Potomac, are the Pinnacle (3007 ft.) and Pidgeon Roost (3400 ft.).