Sentence Examples

  • The root-feeding larvae of the cockchafer and allied members of the Scarabaeidae have a ridged area on the mandible, which is scraped by teeth on the maxillae, apparently forming a stridulating organ.
  • Sheets of mica which have been subjected to earth-movements are frequently cracked and ridged parallel to these directions, and are then valueless for economic purposes.
  • His chest was wide and sprinkled with dark hairs that trailed his ridged belly and disappeared into the dark pants.
  • Threeridged and four-ridged types occur both in Mastodon and Tetrabelodon.
  • 9); the canines are small or absent; the cheek-teeth have bluntly tuberculate or transversely-ridged crowns in most cases; and the hind-feet are syndactylous.