Sentence Examples

  • In 1988, with fans of the film clamoring for more, RCA released More Dirty Dancing, a second edition of the soundtrack, which collected songs that didn't make the cut for the original release.
  • After a few years of constant touring and appearing on nearly every variety program on TV, Elvis landed a $40,000 record deal with RCA - at the time, the largest deal ever made.
  • Her performance set off a major label bidding war, and she eventually signed with RCA Records, with the agreement that her album would be cross imprinted with Dr. Luke's label.
  • The devices have those familiar red, white, and yellow cords (commonly called RCA plugs or composite cables) that are needed to pop into a television with the same inputs.
  • RCA cables are included in the Wii box, but if you have an LCD or Plasma TV, then you will get a better picture if you purchase the s-video cable or the component cable.