Sentence Examples

  • A theory of a still continuing subsidence of the islands was formed by Kurz in 1866 and confirmed by Oldham in 1884.
  • "JOHN ROBERT CLYNES (1869-), English politician, was born at Oldham March 27 1869 of working-class parents, and worked himself as an artisan for many years.
  • JOHN OLDHAM (1653-1683), English satirist, son of a Presbyterian minister, was born at Shipton Moyne, near Tetbury, Gloucestershire, on the 9th of August 1653.
  • The success of these dramatic and unsparing invectives apparently gave Oldham hope that he might become independent of teaching.
  • Oldham took Juvenal for his model, and in breadth of treatment and power of invective surpassed his English predecessors.