Sentence Examples

  • Graham, The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence (New York, 1905), and J.
  • The same year German settlers from Pennsylvania founded New Mecklenburg, the present Shepherdstown, on the Potomac, and others soon followed.
  • AUGUST ADOLPH EDUARD EBERHARD KUNDT (1839-1894), German physicist, was born at Schwerin in Mecklenburg on the, 8th of November 1839.
  • In 1832, two years after receiving its charter, it opened near Boydton, Mecklenburg county, Virginia, and in 1868 was removed to Ashland.
  • Enforce the acts of trade and navigation and by the parliamentary statute of 1764 forbidding the issue of bills of credit; and the Scotch-Irish among them in particular were aroused by the repeal of an act of 1771 allowing Presbyterian ministers to perform the marriage ceremony and of another act of the same year for the establishment of Queen's College in Mecklenburg county for Presbyterians.