Sentence Examples

  • Most collectors agree that the most popular versions for collecting are the Featherweight models, the Turtlebacks (one of the earliest models), the Blackside, the Singer 301 model, and the Midget and toy models.
  • This is one of the best Bully cheats for Wii, because it is the easiest way to score lots of money by making the max bet on the midget fighting at the carnival until you win.
  • You'll never find a Golden Midget, a gold-skinned watermelon with salmon-colored flesh, at your local garden store--but you can buy it from Seed Savers (see below).
  • The power is controlled by a dual-person known as Master-Blaster, Master being a tiny midget and Blaster being the gigantic stupid hulk that carries him around.
  • Mr. Boston, Nibblz and Midget Mac were not involved in the competition long enough to develop any strong alliances.