Sentence Examples

  • Dr Howley, archbishop of Canterbury, and the marquis of Conyngham, bearing the news of the king's death, started in a landau with four horses for Kensington, which they reached at five o'clock.
  • West of Landau, and on the railway from that place to Zweibriicken.
  • The province is well served by railway communication and, for purposes of administration, is divided into the following 16 districts: Bergzabern, Diirkheim, Frankenthal, Germersheim, Homburg, Kaiserslautern, Kirchheimbolanden, Kusel, Landau, Ludwigshafen, Neustadt, Pirmasens, Rockenhausen, St Ingbert, Spires and Zweibriicken.
  • Spires (Speyer) is the seat of government, and the chief industrial centres are Ludwigshafen on the Rhine, which is the principal river port, Landau, and Neustadt, the seat of the wine trade.
  • LANDAU, a town in the Bavarian Palatinate, on the Queich, lying under the eastern slope of the Hardt Mountains, 32 m.