Sentence Examples

  • Some came with the days of the week emblazoned on them.
  • Several of his guardsmen stood nearby, their uniforms emblazoned with green cuneiform symbols.
  • The motto that he adopted for use with the arms emblazoned for him as cardinal - Co p ad cor loquitur, and that which he directed to be engraved on his memorial tablet at Edgbaston - Ex umbris et imaginibus in veritatem - together seem to disclose as much as can be disclosed of the secret of a life which, both to contemporaries and to later students, has been one of almost fascinating interest, at once devout and inquiring, affectionate and yet sternly self-restrained.
  • The word "HOSTEL" was emblazoned across the side of what looked like a large red barn/bar in the center of the village.
  • "At the foot of sunny vineyards," says Treitschke, "the house of the Teutonic Order now stands at Botzen; on its door is still emblazoned the black cross - in the middle of the shield of the Habsburg-Lorrainers."