Sentence Examples

  • On the 29th of March the movement began, followed in rapid succession by the combats of White Oak Road and Dinwiddie Court House and Sheridan's great victory of Five Forks.
  • Robert Dinwiddie, Lieutenant Governor.
  • In October 1753, on the eve of the last French and Indian war, Washington was chosen by Governor Robert Dinwiddie as the agent to warn the French away from their new posts on the Ohio, in western Pennsylvania.
  • In 1753, after the French had laid formal claim to this region and the Ohio Land Company had been formed with a view to establishing a settlement within it, Robert Dinwiddie, governor of Virginia and a shareholder in the Ohio Company, sent George Washington with a letter to " the commandant of the French forces on the Ohio " (then stationed at Fort Le Bceuf, near the present Waterford, about 115 m.
  • ROBERT DINWIDDIE (1693-1770), English colonial governor of Virginia, was born near Glasgow, Scotland, in 1693.