Sentence Examples

  • But for a tendency to paradox, his intellectual powers were of the highest order, and as a master of nervous idiomatic English he is second to Cobbett alone.
  • In 1859 appeared a life of Defoe by William Chadwick, an extraordinary rhapsody in a style which is half Cobbett and half Carlyle, but amusing, and by no means devoid of acuteness.
  • William Cobbett was born in the parish (1766), and is buried in the churchyard of St Andrew's.
  • Coke, Institutes (1797); Cobbett and Howell, State Trials (1809, seq.); S.
  • In early life he adopted the views of William Cobbett, and was active in promoting the agitation which resulted in the passing of the Reform Bill of 1832.