Sentence Examples

  • In 2007, I decided to focus specifically on April's lingerie (I wear April Cornell nighties or pj's every night!) and formed my own company, Martha M, based in Portland, Maine.
  • LTK: You have a B.A. in physics from Cornell, and received your Masters in Physics from the University of California in 1967 and your Ph.D from the same school in 1969.
  • Martha M nightwear by April Cornell is made from the finest whisper soft cotton, enhanced with vintage embroidery, romantic styling, and delicate designs.
  • It's a new line that takes its cues from vintage style and romance, the beautiful brainchild of April Cornell and Martha McEvoy (also known as Martha M).
  • A few of the participating higher institutions include Yale, Southern Illinois, University of Chicago, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State and Cornell.