Sentence Examples

  • She turned to Claire, as if acknowledging she was in charge.
  • After acknowledging Dean, she gently tugged at Fred's elbow.
  • To prevent being blamed by him or others for any disingenuity in not acknowledging my oversights or slips in the first edition, I believe it will not be amiss to print next after the old Praefatio ad Lectorem, the following account of this new Edition.
  • The combatants left the room together, with Fitzgerald not even acknowledging Dean's presence.
  • And though Bede makes no pretensions to originality, least of all in his theological works, freely taking what he needed, and (what is very rare in medieval writers) acknowledging what he took, "out of the works of the venerable Fathers," still everything he wrote is informed and impressed with his own special character and temper.