Sentence Examples

  • It was going to be the next-generation smartphone from Canada-based Research in Motion (RIM), revolutionizing its BlackBerry brand, and by nearly all accounts, the BlackBerry 8100 "Pearl" has been a major success.
  • Naturally, the 8100 Pearl also comes with the usual suite of BlackBerry software, including Push Email and Personal Information Management (PIM) solutions.
  • The BlackBerry Pearl 8100 series represents the first set of phones to bear to Pearl name.
  • The highest of these are Shirane-san (7422 ft.), Nantai-san (8169 ft.), Nyoh- The Nikko zan (8100 ft.), and Omanago (7546 ft.).
  • Then the "Alexandrian mina" of Dioscorides and Galen (2) is 20 unciae = 8250; in the "Analecta" (2) it is 150 or 158 drachmae = 8100.