802-1p Definition


The IEEE specification (September 1998) that enables LAN switches and other devices (e.g., bridges and hubs) to prioritize traffic into one of eight classes. Class 7, the highest priority, is reserved for network control data such as Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and Routing Information Protocol (RIP) table updates. Classes 6 and 5 can be used for voice, video, and other delay-sensitive traffic. Classes 4 through 1 address streaming data applications through loss-tolerant traffic such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Class 0, the default class, is a best effort class. In conjunction with the 802.1q specification for VLAN tagging, 802.1p paved the way for standards-based multivendor grade of service (GoS). See also FTP, GoS, IEEE, LAN, OSPF, RIP, and VLAN.

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