Sentence Examples

  • The ship accommodates 750 passengers, and she is still small enough to travel up the world's greatest river.
  • When you consider that a Big Mac has almost 750 mg of sodium, and a large fries has between 350 and 1200 mg of sodium, it is easy to see how sodium intake can quickly be exceeded on a near daily basis in the typical American diet.
  • Wine drinks on the go will appreciate the safety and convenience of the neoprene wine bottle holders designed to hold a wide assortment of sizes - Mini wine bottles, splits, standard 750 ml and larger champagne bottles.
  • This specialized benefit helps employees reach the dream of becoming a homeowner and entitles employees to either an eighth of a percent off the national rate or up to $750 off closing costs on approved products.
  • Simply Accounting Pro is a fully featured package offering accounting and payroll functions and features, including modules for Internet and e-commerce business, in a five-user edition costing $750.